Window World Is A Top Notch Company

Window World Location : Washington DC

Hi Anthony – Just a short note to let you know I have new windows!! The guys got here this morning and worked like they were on fire. They had all 22 windows out and the new ones in their place in 2½ hours. I couldn’t believe it, there were only 3 of them and they couldn’t have been nicer and more professional. It didn’t seem to bother them having me hanging around watching them work, I was amazed at how efficient they worked together. We only had one hiccup and that was someone measured the garage window wrong. It was listed as the same size as the lower bathroom window but it was larger, I know 3 of us measured that window and I know it measured larger but somehow it came in too small. Since it was the garage side window and not that critical they resized the opening and put it in anyway, it looks real good and you have to look close to see it’s smaller. I guess installing the windows was the easy part because it took them the rest of the time (7½ hrs) capping and caulking. They completed the entire job in 10 hours which was unbelievable to me it just goes to show you that “you can’t beat a man at his own trade”. Thank you so much for everything I am so happy I chose Window World for my windows, it was your superb salesmanship that did it. Window World is a top notch company; and I will tell everyone how satisfied I am. Take care and I hope I never have to call you with a problem.”

Vince L.

A Pleasurable Experience and Great Product

Window World Location : Washington DC

My wife and I recently purchased seventeen (17) of your double hung windows for our home. Cliff Claggett, your salesperson, sat down with my wife and thoroughly explained the benefits of the windows and the cost thereof. She was sold. His friendly relaxed demeanor was a pleasant change from how most home improvement contractors are.

Now that the windows are in, I am sold on them too. No drafts or cold spots any more, not to mention the house is much quieter.

However, I would be remiss if I did not mention something to you about the installation crew you sent to our house last Saturday. The crew of six (6) was supervised by a Rigoberto “Rigo” Castillo. They showed up exactly on time and went right to work without taking any breaks until the job was complete. They did such a beautiful job installing the windows and cleaning up after themselves, a half hour later you would never have know they were there.

In fact, after the installation was done, Rigo walked us around, demonstrated all the features of the windows, and reminded us that should we ever have any problems with the windows as long as we are in the house, to just let Window World know and you will take care of it.

It is nice to know that a company like yours and a crew like Rigo’s still exists today. A big thank you from my wife and for a pleasurable experience and great product.

Stephen H

Very Pleased with My New Windows!

Window World Location : Washington DC

“This letter is in regards to the window replacement work that was completed at my home that Rigoberto Castillo & his crew members have done. First I would like to say thank you for such a wonderful job that was done. I am very pleased with the windows! I will definitely always use Window World, and will recommend your company to everyone I knot that needs repair or window replacement. Thank you again for such a wonderful job.”

Tom D, Vienna, VA

Very Impressive Installation Team

Window World Location : Washington DC

“Mr. Elmer was very professional and courteous.  He checked with me for my satisfaction on the window wraps and basement windows before he proceeded.  I am very impressed with the entire installation team.”

Martha M.

Highly Recommended Company!

Window World Location : Washington DC

“The service I received from this company was exceptional.  I would highly recommend Window World to all my friends and family.”

Gwendolyn W.