Our Congregation Absolutely Loves the Windows!

Window World Location : Peoria

“We want to say Thank You so much for the windows and for the work it took to install them.  They are absolutely beautiful.  We are still just as in shock that you have done this for our church.  I know you must have thought we were crazy when Pastor cam back into your office to be sure we had understood your offer correctly.  I’m sure our chins must have hit the floor that afternoon.  We just couldn’t believe that we had heard you right.

The reason we had gotten quotes was to see how far off we were from having enough money to pursue the project.  Pastor really wanted to push to bring in the funds this year and complete this project as soon as we could.  We were really expecting that to be an end of the year or next spring project at the very soonest.  Please know that we appreciated what you did for our church very much.  Our congregation absolutely loves the windows.  It makes such a difference having sunlight coming into the sanctuary as well as being able to see outside.  We, as well as the other people in the church, are praying that God will bless your families and your business tremendously! We will certainly recommend you to anybody we know looking into getting windows.”

Victory Baptist Church

This Old 1940s House Feels Like New!

Window World Location : Des Moines

“Just wanted to say that we are doing great in our new home!  That’s right; the old 1940s house feels like new!  Thanks to Window World (Paul Koenig) and the windows and siding crew that remodeled our house, there are no more drafts.  Instead of keeping the thermostat at 73, we now keep it at 69 degrees!  We’ve had many compliments on how nice the house looks after the face lift.  We are really glad that we chose to stay and improve, instead of moving and hoping we really upgraded.”

Bill Henninger

Excellent Windows!

Window World Location : Concord

“We had all 12 windows replaced in our home today by your company.  The work crew was a father and son team out of the Mooresville, NC area. They were very friendly, and their work was excellent. No left over trash or metals.

My wife and I are amazed of how air tight these windows made our home today and what we didn’t expect was how outside noise (air conditioner and traffic) is almost non-existent now.  It was near 90 degrees today and when I stood in front of a window with the sun shining directly on it, there was absolutely no hint of heat coming through.  I went around, opened all the windows, and they opened easily as expected.

Another great feature was the quality of the exterior trim that was added to the outside. I know it has only been one day, but we love these great windows.
My wife’s father recommended them as he had them installed in his Florida mobile home.”

Ron Bliss

Sales Rep & Installers Were Great

Window World Location : Lincoln

“I was out on maternity leave and trying to get different bids on windows while I was home. Window World was the first bid I got and the Sales Rep, Pete W. was great. Very polite and I felt very comfortable with him in my home with me and my newborn. After several other bids, Window World was the best price and nicest company to deal with. Installation started my last day home on maternity leave and because they ran into some dry rot on my house it took two days. The dry rot was fixed no problem by the installers. The 2nd day of installation was when I was at work and my mother-in-law was home with my 4 month old. They were wonderful and did not add any more stress to her on her first day as our nanny.

The major problem I was having with my old French doors was that they leaked and as it down pours outside right now; I am happy to say I have zero leakage. An additional bonus is that I live close to railroad tracks and the new windows has dramatically reduced the noise.

Overall, I am very happy with the product and the service I was provided.”

Karen C.F.

Punctual, Professional, & Efficient Crew

Window World Location : Huntsville

“We bought all our new windows from your company, and are very happy with the look and performance.  But more than that it’s nice to do business with a Christian based company who goes by and does what they say will do.  Your crew was very punctual, professional, and efficient.  I have a barber shop, and have enthusiastically recommended your company to my clients.  Some of whom have used your company.  Today I received a check from you, totally unexpected. Wow! Keep up the good work, I’ll keep recommending you.”

Dana Gottingham